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advertTea With Claire is a fresh new concept, aimed at bringing groups of ladies and gents together over perfectly poured cups of tea and plates of delicious treats. This is an occasion which is far more than merely a cup of tea, it’s an opportunity to be inspired and motivated.
You're invited to share an elegant and enlightening occasion with me.

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    The Wellbeing Wheel The Wellbeing Wheel is based on Systems Theory and is a useful tool to help us think about life in a circular way rather than a linear way. The Wellbeing Wheel breaks our lives into eight different aspects, elements or…
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  • My Life Lesson Learnt at The Cimiez Monastery
    My Life Lesson Learnt at The Cimiez Monastery While working on privately owned yachts in the South of France, I spent some time in Nice and paid a visit to the magnificent Monastery of Cimiez. The monastery has been used by the Franciscan monks since the 16th century…

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