How to Stand up For Yourself - Without Standing on Others

Many people suppress their own feelings, needs and wants because they’re not sure how to go about expressing them without upsetting others. Some people express them too forcefully. The outcome in both cases is always unsatisfactory to one, if not both, parties.

It is possible to ask for what you want, let people know how you feel, and say no if necessary without being pushy or aggressive. The key is learning to be assertive.

Assertive people communicate in a way that is clear, open and respectful of other people, ensuring they enjoy healthy, positive relationships - both at work and at home.

This course teaches you the fundamental skills and attitudes you need to enjoy the many benefits of being more assertive.

Who Should Attend

Everyone can benefit from improved communication skills and increased assertiveness, including:

  • Executives and managers wanting good relationships with their employees
  • Supervisors wanting positive relationships with their teams
  • Students and young adults wanting to start their adult life with the advantage of good communication skills
  • Parents wanting to model good communication skills to their children

Course Content

Module 1

In the first session we look at fundamental concepts such as:

  • A definition of assertiveness – what is really meant by being assertive? We dispel the myth that it means being pushy and rude.
  • Why be assertive? Here we examine the many benefits of being assertive
  • Basic Rights – in order to be assertive we need to understand that we have certain rights – as well as certain responsibilities.
  • Non-Verbal Behaviour – What we do is possibly even more important than what we say. Here we look at the things we need to do to be perceived as being assertive, rather than aggressive or submissive.

Module 2

Here we take a detailed look at the five communication styles:

  • Assertive
  • Aggressive
  • Passive-Aggressive
  • Submissive
  • Manipulative

For each of these communication styles, we look at the overall style, non-verbal behaviour, language, and how people on the receiving end feel.

Module 3

Here we learn the skills and techniques required to be assertive. We look at:

  • How to Behave
  • How to Say No
  • How to Make a Simple Assertive Request
  • How to Add Strength to your Assertive Request by:
  • Introducing Feelings
  • Conveying Consequences
  • Offering Alternatives
  • Changing the Frame

Module 4

  • In this final session, we put all our theory together into a format to handle problem situations, and then put it into practice using real life incidents.

Format & Duration

The course is both theoretical and practical - participants will have many opportunities to try out and practice the new skills they learn. Attention is paid to participants' own real-life interpersonal challenges and difficult situations.

One full-day course (9am - 4:30pm)

Course Pack

Your investment includes the following:

  • A full set of course notes
  • One free telephonic/Skype consultation (max. 30 mins)
  • Course certificate*


*This is not an accredited course, so does not constitute an academic qualification. Participants will receive a certificate acknowledging they have attended the course.

Past Audiences

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“I was able to get out and learn what I need – very valuable.” “Definitely recommend it.”
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"Definitely useful at whatever stage you are at."
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"I learnt life skills which will remain with me forever!"
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"If you are thinking of doing this course, then have the courage to face your fears - it's not intimidating and it's exciting."
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"This is the only formula of being respectfully assertive."
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"Well worth the time and effort; a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth."
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"I definitely recommend the course. I found my courage with the tools that the course has equipped me with."
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"The information learned on the course is so important and can be used in daily situations."
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"It is definitely a worthwhile course and is beneficial in everyday life. It really creates a great awareness and brings about change."
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"A very enjoyable course. It makes you aware of the kind of person you are."
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"This has been a very, very informative and valuable course. It's amazing how important it is to be open to learning new ideas and ways of becoming a better person."
# Ruan Swart - Financial Advisor
"it was fun and informative and made me aware of communication styles and my own faults in communicating and how to rectify it. Definitely worth attending. If put into practice the principles can change your life."
# Keren Stevens
"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and it has taught me a great deal in so many aspects."
# Michael Hunt - Assistant Photographer
"Claire and this course are brilliant! I have learnt how to ask for what I want without feeling guilty and I'm positive that by doing the course it will benefit anyone! It has benefited me!"
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