Successful people have positive attitudes and good intra- and inter-personal skills.  Sadly, most people invest more time and money in their body than their brain.  To be successful you need to focus on training your brain: develop your EQ and YOU-Q

My Style & Approach

I believe there are four things which make me unique and different from other trainers. These are:

  1. The way I present my courses
  2. My message
  3. My authenticity
  4. My particular combination of academic & professional qualifications

1The way I Present my Courses

My approach is always professional, but at the same time is light, engaging and warm. I have the capacity to take complex issues and subject matter, and present it in a way that is easy to understand and accessible to all. My courses are always easy to follow, and jargon and terminology – if used at all – are well explained. Nothing is lost in translation!

By incorporating a mix of formal and informal learning, my training courses are fun, creative and encourage participation. The insights, skills and tools learnt are gained through explanation and discussion of theory, as well as interactive involvement in activities and games.

Participants will be able to apply all the skills learned to enrich their private lives, as well as enhance their working environments.

2My Message

“You already have everything you need to live a Be-YOU-tiful life. Just believe it, and go for it!”

My message is unique because it is about YOU-Q - a unique concept that I developed, and which refers to our own unique intelligence, creativity and wisdom. It encompasses our belief in our own worth, being uniquely you, and the way we interact with others.

I inspire and train people to find the courage they need to hone their creativity, improve their personal skills, and grab the opportunities that come their way. In other words I inspire and help people to rediscover their YOU-Q.

3Claire – A Unique Person

I am an ardent believer in following my own unique path - and unique it has indeed been. I have embraced opportunities that have come my way and as a result have travelled widely and enjoyed a variety of extremely diverse experiences
To read more about this, visit the section About Me.
I live my dreams and walk my talk. I already do what I encourage others to do - and I inspire my audiences to do the same, that is, be-YOU-nique!

4My particular combination of Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • Teacher
  • Psychologist
  • Executive and Life Coach

There are very few trainers who have my combination of academic and professional qualifications. The content of my courses comes from a combination of academic research and theory, as well as my life’s experiences. I also belong to two international speakers’ organisations, which ensures that I stay up to date with professional speaking and training styles and trends, and enables me to continually hone my skills as both a speaker and a trainer. My qualifications and memberships give me a solid foundation as a trainer - I am knowledgeable on, and thoroughly research, my topics. And I do know what I am talking about!

View my CV to read more about my qualifications.

By now you will have realised how I stand out from the crowd, so if you want me to run a course for your group, organisation or company, contact me.

CV, Bio, Images

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Past Participants

I have facilitated courses for the following organisations:

  • BHP Billiton*
  • Consumer Credit
  • Focus on the Family
  • Investec Private Bank
  • SA National Blood Services (SANBS)*
  • The Hub*
  • Transnet*
  • Voltex Group (A Bidvest Company)
  • Volvo*

* In addition to running my own courses, I have also trained and facilitated on behalf of Connemara, ETC (Education, Training and Counselling), Growthlink, Co-Creative Solutions and Professional Yachtmaster Training (PYT).

Some of the courses I have trained and facilitated for these companies include:

  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading and Sustaining Effective Teams
  • Living and Leading Change
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Growing People (Performance Management and Coaching Skills)
  • HIV and AIDS Counselling
  • Emotional Intelligence through Integrity
  • Assertiveness: How to stand up for what matters with courage, integrity and skill
  • Stress transformation through the development of integrity
  • Human Element and Leadership Management (HELM)


Here is a testimonial about me as a trainer. There are also many comments below.

"I met Claire in 2008 and was immediately struck by her vibrancy, presence and intelligence. She has a light in her eyes and engages with people with warmth, compassion but always with professionalism.
As a facilitator for Co-Creative Solutions the requirements are that she is able to engage with groups of diverse people and encourage them to share intimate details about their lives. She has the unusual ability to create an atmosphere of safety and form one-on-one relationships in sometimes very challenging situations. She works with top management of large companies as well as entry level team leaders, sometimes under circumstances where language is a barrier.
She consistently receives top ratings from every group member because of her extraordinary ability to think on her feet and adapt to difficult circumstances. She is a hundred percent reliable and has unquestionable integrity, and is always my first choice to facilitate our Emotional Intelligence Courses.
She is reliable, honest, energetic and always professional and does more than what is required.
I wholeheartedly recommend her and feel privileged to work with her as a psychologist, facilitator and friend. She adds value and a touch of magic wherever she goes."
Annette Du Toit Steele - Director Co-Creative Solutions


# Lukani Nel - Warranty Administrator - Volvo SA
"Claire is fantastic! She has a way of reaching a person and making you feel great about yourself and wanting to learn more."
# Belinda Matabese - Student with CSIR
"Claire is a great trainer, involves people in the discussion and is a good listener."
# Ali Shahdi - CSIR Researcher
"Claire is energetic, clear, understanding, a good listener, nice smile."
# Eleanor Mokwele - CSIR Group Secretary
"Claire knows her job 100% and can change lives."
# Ashley Liddiard - CSIR Robotics Researcher
"Claire - you are an inspiration. Thank you."
# Ndivhuwo Makondo - Masters Student (Working with CSIR)
"Claire is great and approachable."
# Maphuti Mogano - CSIR - HR Practitioner
"Claire is very good in presenting the course; confident and loving."
# Sisa James - CSIR, Studentship
"[Claire is a] clear speaker and very good facilitator."
# Fred Senekal - CSIR - Senior Researcher
"Thank you Claire! I really enjoy the confident way you have about you."
# Nicole Remini
"Claire is very clear, friendly and approachable."
# Belinda Mortimer
"Claire is entertaining, honest and teaches with integrity."
# Susanne Laabmayr
"Claire knows how to draw you in, keep your attention and have fun!"
# Rowan Alberts
"Could not have asked for a better person than Claire."
# Nikita Maritz
"Claire is absolutely amazing and a great teacher!"
# Michaela Mulvey
"[Claire is a] very good / confident speaker/ trainer. Warm and memorable."
# Georgina Drummond
"Claire is an inspiration and clearly practices what she preaches / embodies the qualities she teaches. She kept me interested and engaged throughout."
# Craig Stephen
"[Claire is] very motivational and insightful and makes hard concepts look and sound easy."
# Jaya Leslie
"Your personality is absolutely perfect for this kind of training. Your whole demeanor is non-threatening and is ideal for making people feel part of the group."
# Lolly Enoch
"[Claire is] very informative, easy going and direct."
# Radha Govindasamy
"Claire, well done - I really feel good within myself and you also motivated me. I am just so happy. Thanks a million."
# Vasanthie Pillai
"Thank you so much. You are a great inspiration and have become my role model."
# Shanno Enoch
"Claire - you are an amazing trainer. Your courses are always informative, fun and thoroughly enjoyable - oh! Never boring. Thank you for your warmness and humility - I feel very comfortable under your supervision."
# Catherine Stewart
"[Claire is a] very clear and good communicator and trainer. Approachable, confident and caring which makes it easy to discuss things. Holds attention."
# Seema Maharaj - Accountant
"Claire is absolutely amazing. She engages people and is very clear with her explanations."
# Leonie Chesterman
"Claire gives really relevant examples and keeps us interested and engaged."
# Gail Mokgokong - CSIR - Group Assistant
# Crevan Pratt - Psychology Honours Student
"[Claire is] open and a good, positive trainer who guides us well."
# Ashleigh Waltham
"[Claire is] very inspiring!"
# Andrew Chesterman
"[Claire is] interactive and helpful."
# Sean King
"[Claire is] and excellent communicator of a very interesting subject.[Assertiveness]"
# Popsey Naidoo
"[Claire is] very well spoken. I learnt a lot from her."
# Mike Busltrode
"[Claire is] willing to listen to my questions."
# Tash Sievwright
"[Claire is] awesome!"
# Vlatko Katusic
"[Claire is] Excellent"
# Jeanette Bulstrode
"Claire is a good motivator and very encouraging."
# Andrenna Naidoo
"A real life-coach! Claire's courses are excellent and always something to look forward to!"
# Mandla Nkosi - BHP Billiton Supervisor
"Claire is really good at her job."
# Ntokozo Khanyile - BHP Billiton Supervisor
"Claire knows the subject [EQ] and is willing to help."
# Bruce Lee Mandura - BHP Billiton Supervisor
"Lots of real experiences shared to help influence learning."
# Ntombifuthi Mduli - BHP Billiton Supervisor
"Claire is amazing, professional and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot from her and would like to keep in touch in future."
# Kish Manilal - BHP Billiton Supervisor
"Claire cares more than what is in the content of the module and really assists in clearing the air on other topics brought up during her presentation."
# Elizabeth Poorun - SANBS
"Claire is a dynamic lady with lots of information / knowledge. It is truly a pleasure to have had this opportunity to work with her."
# Dima Ntoni - SANBS
"Claire is excellent and intelligent - she knows her job."
# Winnie Ndlovu - SANBS
"Claire is a good trainer. She make us feel like we really want to do the course. She is very informative and clearly explains."
# Nomzamo Ndlovu - SANBS
"Claire is a good trainer. She makes sure the learner understands. She keeps everybody engaged in the topic."
# Pregashnee Moodley - SANBS
"WOW - she definitely has motivated me!"
# Jay Moodley - SANBS
"Claire keeps the learners attentive - not falling off to sleep. She is well informed and prepped about her presentation."
# Joyce Mgabi - SANBS
"Claire is competent, knowledgeable and well informed.She speaks with confidence, is organised with her work and is systematic (Did not mix what she was teaching)."
# Hayden Bailey - SANBS
"Very knowledgeable, very clear on subject matter, very engaging, totally exciting. Claire is a gem."
# Leon Jasson - The Hub Supervisor
"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent"
# Lorraine Pillay - The Hub Supervisor
"Claire is cool. She explains well, her activities really make you understand."
# Preven Naicker - The Hub Supervisor
"A very well spoken and motivating person. Easy to approach."
# Jason Moodley - The Hub Supervisor
"Motivational, exciting, fun, good communication."
# Leon Gerber - The Hub Supervisor
"Claire is a very open and helpful person. She listened and explained without thinking twice."
# Shaun Chetty - The Hub Supervisor
"Claire has really done a splendid piece of work. She made the lesson absolutely interesting with illustrations. Through the lessons I actually believe in myself and learnt how to treat others."
# Keith Louw - The Hub Supervisor
"Claire is an extraordinary human being to work with. She is full of care and shows a huge amount of commitment in her work."
# Harald Chinnappen - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"Claire is unique and interesting."
# Corrie Davel - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"Claire is very good, friendly, outgoing and inspiring."
# Shaun Gayapursat - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"Excellent trainer."
# Nkululeko Gumede - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"The activities performed kept me awake throughout the two days. I liked the fact that we also had a chance to voice our opinions too."
# Santie Pieterse - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"Excellent knowledge on EQ. Never a dull moment. Thank you for keeping us involved."
# Jaco Kleinhans - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"You are a very talented presenter/trainer who understands what people / trainees require."
# Braam De Villiers - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"Great personality, greater speaker, greatest trainer!"
# Nadeem Henderson - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"Your knowledge on the subject matter was / is exceptional."
# Jacques du Toit - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"Thanks Claire. I enjoyed the training a lot. I learned a lot about integrity - walking the talk with my team."
# Nick Buthelezi - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"Claire is very good [as a trainer] and has a good memory."
# Chimbombo Chade - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"Claire has good facilitation skills. She was able to keep the audience involved and encouraged participation, whilst at the same time controlling the discussions and giving valuable input. I enjoyed the course."
# Mauro Suca - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"I think the way that you kept the energy levels up during the training was amazing. I really enjoyed it."
# Joao Zacarius - Supervisor BHP Billiton
"Claire knows how to effectively present the subject."
# Clarisse Ngomanu - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"Excellent. Claire knows the subject. It is very interesting to have the course with her. I liked the way she gave the training. I felt good on training although I have some difficult on language. If you want someone to give this training, ask for Claire, she is very expressive." (Portuguese speaking)
# Valerio Mussavele - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"The way that the course was facilitated - by Claire sharing her life experience - created in us the willingness to be open as well. By doing that we bonded with each other, so that we created a family relationship with each other."
# Nilam Satar - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"Claire is an excellent facilitator for this course. She really talks about it with passion and in a very understandable way. Her communication skills are very good. Very enjoyable course. You can easily apply what you have learned. It will improve your relations in your personal life and at work. Thank you!"
# Bernadino Cuinhane - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"Claire was well prepared for this training. More than that, I think she has a lot of experience because she showed us her skills and in case of doubts had simple examples to make it easier to understand. She made the lessons very interactive."
# Victor Zaba - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"I would like to say WELL DONE. You Claire are so greatful facilitator that I have ever seen, the only thing that I would like to say is that I learnt a lot from you and now feel confident on stress management. WELL DONE once again. Also the Assertiveness management course was so wonderful, I learnt a lot from your presentation. I have to say that it was very effective and really fun. WELL DONE Claire, God Bless you."
# Anto'nio Manhice - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"Claire is very good. She has good communication skills, she manages very well the time and feels what to say at exactly the right time."
# Joao Polme - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"Claire, I personally think that you are very good, you made this course very interesting, useful, effective, because I can see myself from now on changing the way I approach my family, friends, colleagues and also superiors."
# Ibraimo Vala - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"I think Claire created an amazing environment for learning and let all the people express his feelings and gave her opinion on what would be good or not on our actual behaviour. So it was very good this 2 days."
# Jose' Aguirrugo - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"I really liked the way Claire facilitated the course because I could understand clearly what she wanted to say, and especially the techniques she used to keep us awake."
# Osvaldo Zandamica- Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"Claire was fantastic. I would stay hours after hours listening to her. She really knows what she is saying and has very realistic, obvious, clear examples. She touch me in a new way of looking at things, as well as how to transmit my feeling in a good and comprehensive manner."
# Marcelino Xavier- Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"I speak Portuguese and English is my second language, so it was very difficult to me to get everything, but the facilitator help me and others, and made it understandable and the content of this course is very important / interesting, so I really appreciate if I could have another course with her."
# Jose' Parruque - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"My qualification [rating for Claire] is 5/5 - excellent - because the facilitator use good ways of communication even for us that don't speak very well English, we could understand because she speak easily and give good examples to understand."
# Edson Nhlatsumbo - Supervisor MOZAL BHP Billiton
"I'm graduated in Chemical Engineering and since I joined to BHP Billiton (Mozal) I have had many courses and this one is one of the best that I had until now. I am grateful to Claire Newton to share this knowledge with us."
# Sanushka Naidu
"Claire made us feel comfortable and able to express ourselves."
# Andrenna Naidoo - Third Year Psychology Student
"Claire was an excellent facilitator. She always gave us constructive feedback. I look forward to future courses."
# Zachary Hill - Third Year Psychology Student
Thank you Claire, you are a brilliant facilitator!
# Sean Lategan
1) Everyone was given ample opportunity to ask questions / share ideas.
2) Ice-breaker & “energy” activities were excellent in making us feel comfortable with each other and in keeping attention.
3) Dynamic voice and lots of passion shone through.
# Shelly Neilson - Psychology Honours Student
"Facilitation is about providing a space for people to learn for themselves and Claire you really did this well. You allowed us to make mistakes and learn from them, you also allowed us to try our approach and then you provided your approach."
# Francine Reddy - Psychology Student
"I think the facilitation was excellent, because it was so organised."
# Chanelle Strydom - Psychology Honours Student
"I think Claire was excellent, she made the course enjoyable as well as beneficial."
# Michelle Rene - Psychology Honours Student
"I think Claire was excellent, you kept us with you even if we were tired or had less energy on a day. You asked us about it as well as included ice-breakers to keep up the energy levels. Truly excellent and professional and dynamic."
# Nicolle Voigt - Third Year Psychology Student
"Claire did an awesome job of making me feel comfortable in a room of 17 strangers. Every session was one to look forward to."
# Shanna Evans - Third Year Psychology Student
"Claire is wonderful and bubbly. Always picking up when we need to have a break. Always ensures maximum learning and concentration."


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