YOU-Q: Finding Your Inner Winner

YOU-Q is a concept that I have developed out of my experiences as a practicing psychologist, as well as my travels around the world. YOU-Q is about living life to its full potential and finding your Inner Winner.

While it encapsulates emotional, spiritual and intellectual intelligence, YOU-Q is also so much more. It is about Getting Real – the importance of knowing and staying true to your value, purpose and vision. It’s about Changing Your Head Talk – how to silence the unhelpful messages we give ourselves and change our negative self-beliefs. And it’s about learning how to Relate well to others.


Who Should Attend

Everyone has an Inner Winner - you just need to lose your Inner Loser to find it! This talk will appeal to anyone wanting to live a be-YOU-tiful life right now! If you need motivation, inspiration or direction, this talk is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.


A one-hour talk, with a PowerPoint presentation

Past Audiences

I have given this talk to the following audiences:

  • Batswadi Pharmaceutical Company
  • Pinetown Christian Church
  • South African Writers Association
  • Tea With Claire
  • University of KZN Pietermaritzburg - Department of Dietetics


# Aadila Paruk
Inspirational and touching.
# Enith Jacobs
This talk is worth attending.
# Razia Docrat
This talk will help you live a better life.
# Sandi McCormack-Scott
Easy Listening - An enjoyable and inspiring talk.
# Raeesa Paruk
This talk is a nice reminder of ways we should think and ways of applying in our daily lives.
# Yasmin Timol
Enjoyable and inspirational.
# Borrie Rachman
Go for it!
# Christopher Whitiker - CEO Batswadi Pharmaceuticals
"Both on the couch and to the general public - YOU-Q is a winner!"
# Jayshree Singh
"This talk will add value to your life more than you possibly think at the onset."
# Nomusa Chili
"Attend this talk - it is the best thing you can do. I wouldn’t mind attending more of these."
# Simangele Mkhize
"Informative and interesting. Leaves one with a lot of things to think about and try out."
# Michelle Jantjies - Writer
"I simply loved this talk! It was inspirational to me as both a writer and in my personal capacity."
# Sue Trollip - Writer
"If you're thinking of reinventing yourself, this talk will provide plenty to think about!"
# Claudine Farr - Writer
"Fantastic, to the point and beautifully expressed message."
# Dave Baker - Writer
"I was reminder of several truths that I'd allowed to escape!"
# Marlies Craig - Writer
"Valuable, inspirational talk. The comments on values really helped."
# Jennifer Riddell - Writer
"Bless your heart Claire, you have touched a cord deep inside and brought to the surface a stupid fear ingrained in childhood. I will now endeavour to 'delete' it."
# Razia Docras - Gains Furnishers
"Excellent. Very informative. It will help change my life."
# Sandi McCormack - Scott
"Enjoyable and inspiring. I was able to go home with a list of things to do."
# Vukile Shabz
"Your YOU-Q talk was just too phenomenal! Very inspiring and enlightening! Attending your talk was the best decision I've made for myself to date this year. I can honestly say my values were shaky and far from being strong, so any influence led me to any direction in which I would find myself at total discomfort and no way near the happiness that we all so tirelessly pursue. But I've now developed a set of strong core values from the Values Poster of yours and they have helped me to be a strong character and know what I stand for!
Claire, I can safely say I have found my Inner Winner! Those 3 questions you posed to us has lead me even closer to realising my true purpose and meaning in this life.
Keep on being a blessing to others. You are seriously proving to be instrumental in my life!"


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