Conflict to Co-Operation

No matter how similar people are, we are all unique. There will always be some ideas, issues, situations etc. on which we disagree. This is to be expected. Conflict in itself is not bad. Knowing how to deal with it, is what counts. If we know how to cope with conflict, we will learn to be less fearful of it, and so not try to avoid it. This creates healthier, more harmonious relationships.

In this talk I focus on the fundamental skills and attitudes you need to deal with conflict and understand that, contrary to popular belief, dealing with disagreement or conflict is far more important to a relationship than not having disagreement or conflict at all.

Who Should Attend

Everyone can benefit from learning how to deal with conflict, especially:

  • Couples wanting a healthy, harmonious and open relationship
  • Parents wanting to create open relationships with their children - especially teens
  • Business people wanting good working relationships with their teams, in which people are confident and empowered
  • Human resources personnel wanting good conflict negotaion skills
  • Individuals wanting to enjoy healthy, warm and open friendships


A one-hour talk, with a PowerPoint presentation.

Past Audiences

I have given this talk to the following audiences:

  • Batswadi Pharmaceutical Company
  • Jordan Full Gospel Church
  • Tea With Claire


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my audiences

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