To Thine Own Self Be True - The Confident YOU!

Some people define diplomacy as the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip. I don’t call this being diplomatic - I call it being assertive!

Whether you are dealing with patients, clients or colleagues, HOW you communicate ultimately determines whether your relationship is clear, open and honest - or fraught with tension, misunderstanding and arguments.

In this talk I explain what it means to communicate assertively, why this is beneficial and how to achieve this kind of relationship with your patients, clients and colleagues.


Who Should Attend

Everyone can benefit from improved communication skills and increased assertiveness, including:

  • Executives and managers wanting good relationships with their employees

  • Supervisors wanting positive relationships with their teams

  • Couples wanting to enjoy the benefits of clear and honest communication

  • Students and young adults wanting to start their adult life with the advantage of good communication skills

  • Parents wanting to model good communication skills to their children

  • People who own their own business, and want to ensure that they are paid the money owed to them

  • Freelancers looking to make sure they are not exploited by their clients.



A one-hour talk, with a PowerPoint presentation.

Past Audiences

I have given this talk to the following audiences:

  • Africa Cares
  • Harcourts Hilton
  • Livingston Primary School
  • South African Freelancers’ Association (SAFREA)
  • Batwswadi Pharmaceuticals
  • Tea With Claire


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My audiences

my audiences

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