Beating C-19 like a Champion

The Coronavirus pandemic represents a physical/medical health threat for everyone, but it’s what it is doing to our emotions that will become the greatest challenge for most of us - because our emotional reactions can have an impact that lasts far longer than the pandemic itself.

EVERYONE is having some emotional reaction to the pandemic. Fear, stress, anger, sadness and emotional exhaustion are just some of the reactions and although the emotions are valid, the reality is that if we do not manage these emotional reactions we can become mentally ill.

The good news, however, is that we do not need to struggle on own. Wearing many different hats, (but no mask!), well known Psychologist and Hat Lover, Claire Newton, shares with us the 7 key elements we need to consider in order to protect the mental health of ourselves and our loved ones.

Claire will give us both insight and practical tools to overcome the emotional impact of the coronavirus pandemic - all in the comfort of your own home without having to even wash your hands!

We invite you to take off your mask and put on your favourite hat and join Claire for her useful and inspiring talk: Beating C-19 like a Champion!


A 40-minute talk, with a PowerPoint presentation.

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