Face up to Feedback

It can be difficult, when asked to give feedback, to know how to be constructive and honest without leaving the other person feeling demoralised. Some people build others up with positive feedback, while some break them down with destructive criticism. What do you do?

Knowing how to give feedback that is motivating and inspiring is critical if we want to develop children and adults who have high self–esteem, and will realise their full potential. It is important to learn how to give (and receive) feedback in a way that is positive, and which leaves both parties feeling good about themselves, and clear on where they stand.


Who Should Attend

Everyone can benefit from being able to give - and receive - positive and constructive feedback, especially:

  • Parents wanting to raise children with high self-esteem
  • Couples wanting to enjoy clear, open and positive communication
  • Managers and supervisors wanting to develop a motivated and inspired workforce
  • Employees wanting to learn how to handle feedback maturely


A one-hour talk, with a PowerPoint presentation.


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