YOU-Q Conference Activities

You may already have planned your conference or event, but are looking for something dynamic to either add to or round off the conference/event on a high note.

I can provide a team-building intervention that is enjoyable and fun, but devised in such a way that every participant gains something valuable from the experience and leaves with personal insights and 'food for thought'.

To this end, I can put together a programme aimed at encouraging enthusiastic participation in a range of games, activities and discussions, based on my concept of YOU-Q – the term I use to describe your unique intelligence, creativity and wisdom – with its three key elements of Get Real, Change Your Head Talk and Relate.

Get Real – Involves becoming authentic, genuine and totally true to you. To achieve this requires answering three important questions - What are my values? What is my purpose? What is my vision?

Change your Head Talk - Head Talk is that inner voice which constantly gives us negative messages. Changing your Head Talk means changing these negative beliefs and transforming the unhelpful messages you give yourself into positive messages.

Relate - This refers to the way in which you relate to others. By learning essential communication and interpersonal skills, you will radically enhance your relationships with others.

Activities - designed with your conference theme in mind - could include:

  • Games aimed at fostering a spirit of co-operation, team-work and good-natured competition;
  • Interactive discussions;
  • Watching short inspirational and thought-provoking DVDs followed by meaningful conversations.

To find out more and make your conference YOU-nique, contact me.