Successful people have positive attitudes and good intra- and inter-personal skills.  Sadly, most people invest more time and money in their body than their brain.  To be successful you need to focus on training your brain: develop your EQ and YOU-Q

My Style & Approach

I believe there are four things which make me unique and different from other trainers. These are:

  1. The way I present my courses
  2. My message
  3. My authenticity
  4. My particular combination of academic & professional qualifications

1The way I Present my Courses

My approach is always professional, but at the same time is light, engaging and warm. I have the capacity to take complex issues and subject matter, and present it in a way that is easy to understand and accessible to all. My courses are always easy to follow, and jargon and terminology – if used at all – are well explained. Nothing is lost in translation!

By incorporating a mix of formal and informal learning, my training courses are fun, creative and encourage participation. The insights, skills and tools learnt are gained through explanation and discussion of theory, as well as interactive involvement in activities and games.

Participants will be able to apply all the skills learned to enrich their private lives, as well as enhance their working environments.

2My Message

“You already have everything you need to live a Be-YOU-tiful life. Just believe it, and go for it!”

My message is unique because it is about YOU-Q - a unique concept that I developed, and which refers to our own unique intelligence, creativity and wisdom. It encompasses our belief in our own worth, being uniquely you, and the way we interact with others.

I inspire and train people to find the courage they need to hone their creativity, improve their personal skills, and grab the opportunities that come their way. In other words I inspire and help people to rediscover their YOU-Q.

3Claire – A Unique Person

I am an ardent believer in following my own unique path - and unique it has indeed been. I have embraced opportunities that have come my way and as a result have travelled widely and enjoyed a variety of extremely diverse experiences
To read more about this, visit the section About Me.
I live my dreams and walk my talk. I already do what I encourage others to do - and I inspire my audiences to do the same, that is, be-YOU-nique!

4My particular combination of Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • Teacher
  • Psychologist
  • Executive and Life Coach

There are very few trainers who have my combination of academic and professional qualifications. The content of my courses comes from a combination of academic research and theory, as well as my life’s experiences. I also belong to two international speakers’ organisations, which ensures that I stay up to date with professional speaking and training styles and trends, and enables me to continually hone my skills as both a speaker and a trainer. My qualifications and memberships give me a solid foundation as a trainer - I am knowledgeable on, and thoroughly research, my topics. And I do know what I am talking about!

View my CV to read more about my qualifications.

By now you will have realised how I stand out from the crowd, so if you want me to run a course for your group, organisation or company, contact me.

CV, Bio, Images

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Past Participants

I have facilitated courses for the following organisations:

  • BHP Billiton*
  • Consumer Credit
  • Focus on the Family
  • Investec Private Bank
  • SA National Blood Services (SANBS)*
  • The Hub*
  • Transnet*
  • Voltex Group (A Bidvest Company)
  • Volvo*

* In addition to running my own courses, I have also trained and facilitated on behalf of Connemara, ETC (Education, Training and Counselling), Growthlink, Co-Creative Solutions and Professional Yachtmaster Training (PYT).

Some of the courses I have trained and facilitated for these companies include:

  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading and Sustaining Effective Teams
  • Living and Leading Change
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Growing People (Performance Management and Coaching Skills)
  • HIV and AIDS Counselling
  • Emotional Intelligence through Integrity
  • Assertiveness: How to stand up for what matters with courage, integrity and skill
  • Stress transformation through the development of integrity
  • Human Element and Leadership Management (HELM)


Here is a testimonial about me as a trainer. There are also many comments below.

"I met Claire in 2008 and was immediately struck by her vibrancy, presence and intelligence. She has a light in her eyes and engages with people with warmth, compassion but always with professionalism.
As a facilitator for Co-Creative Solutions the requirements are that she is able to engage with groups of diverse people and encourage them to share intimate details about their lives. She has the unusual ability to create an atmosphere of safety and form one-on-one relationships in sometimes very challenging situations. She works with top management of large companies as well as entry level team leaders, sometimes under circumstances where language is a barrier.
She consistently receives top ratings from every group member because of her extraordinary ability to think on her feet and adapt to difficult circumstances. She is a hundred percent reliable and has unquestionable integrity, and is always my first choice to facilitate our Emotional Intelligence Courses.
She is reliable, honest, energetic and always professional and does more than what is required.
I wholeheartedly recommend her and feel privileged to work with her as a psychologist, facilitator and friend. She adds value and a touch of magic wherever she goes."
Annette Du Toit Steele - Director Co-Creative Solutions


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