Phone Finesse

We would be lost without our phones and yet most of us do not use them effectively or efficiently. When leaving a message most people are not clear and succinct. They often don’t even mention important information such as their name!  When speaking to the person they called, they do not introduce themselves properly and do not get to the point of the call, wasting the recipient’s time and causing frustration and irritation. Often they do not even realise the poor impression they are creating.

In this course you will learn how to use the phone with finesse and create a positive impression of yourself and/or your organisation or company.

Who Should Attend

The ability to use the telephone in a way that is clear and respectful, and which gets the desired results, is an invaluable life skill for everyone, especially:

  • Frontline personnel wanting to create a positive impression for their company.
  • Managers wanting to appear confident and command respect from their employees.
  • Students and young adults wanting to make a good impression in job interviews or in the workplace.
  • Parents wanting to clearly communicate with their children.

Course Content

Module 1

  • Keeping the mess out of telephone messages.

Module 2

  • Putting your all into telephone calls.

Module 3

  • Handling someone who is very angry.

Format & Duration

The course is both theoretical and practical - participants will have many opportunities to try out and practice the new skills they learn.

Attention is paid to participants' own real-life telephonic difficulties.

One full-day course (9am - 4:30pm)

Course Pack

Your investment includes the following:

  • A full set of course notes

  • One free telephonic/Skype consultation (max. 30 mins)

  • Course certificate*


*This is not an accredited course, so does not constitute an academic qualification. Participants will receive a certificate acknowledging they have attended the course.

Past Audiences

  • Focus on the Family


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