YOU-Q Team-Building

Are you fed up with the usual river-rafting, mountain-biking and rock climbing activites to motivate your staff members and colleagues to work as a team?

As a Psychologist, Speaker, Trainer and Coach, I devise team-building programmes that are out of the ordinary. Using my knowledge and skills as a psychologist my programmes incorporate my concept of YOU-Q – the term I use to describe your unique intelligence, creativity and wisdom – with its three key elements of Get Real, Change Your Head Talk and Relate.

Get Real – Involves becoming authentic, genuine and totally true to you. To achieve this requires answering three important questions - What are my values? What is my purpose? What is my vision?

Change your Head Talk - Head Talk is that inner voice which constantly gives us negative messages. Changing your Head Talk means changing these negative beliefs and transforming the unhelpful messages you give yourself into positive messages.

Relate - This refers to the way in which you relate to others. By learning essential communication and interpersonal skills, you will radically enhance your relationships with others.

I inspire people to find the courage they need to hone their creativity, improve their personal skills, and grab the opportunities that come their way. Participants are encouraged to find their 'inner winner' and work better with others through understanding the process of 'how' as well as 'why'.

To find out more and have a team-building event created especially for youcontact me.

Programme Content

My programmes are designed to encourage enthusiastic participation by using a range of games and activities that are both fun and creative, while at the same time designed to equip participants with insights and knowledge that will enhance their work environment - and enrich their private lives as well.

Activities include:

  • Games aimed at fostering a spirit of co-operation, team-work and good-natured competition;
  • Interactive discussions;
  • Watching short inspirational and thought-provoking DVDs followed by meaningful conversations.

Each tailor-made programme is designed with your specific outcomes in mind and you can be sure that each participant will learn something valuable from the experience. Activity outcomes can include:

  • Being your best FOR the world (then you add value to the world)
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Developing resilience (the ability to bounce back)
  • Listening and communication
  • Looking for possibilities (Choosing to focus on what is not there YET)
  • Recognising abundance (Choosing to focus on what you DO have)
  • Taking yourself to the edge
  • Team work
  • The importance of building relationships
  • The importance of planning
  • The importance of riding the changes
  • Unleashing your energy to fix what is wrong
  • Working to your strengths


"We had the pleasure of having Claire Newton facilitating a motivational team building exercise to the Regional team of Total Sports in Durban.

Claire was well prepared for the task and intertwined our own ethos, which she had researched on the internet, into the presentation. It was obvious that she had visited a number of our stores to gauge the vibe and get a feel for our business before she presented to us. Claire had a good grasp of what was expected and had the know-how to put across the content in an interactive fashion, engaging with the team at all levels.

The brief was a team build with a "managing stress and resilience" overtone, and the time allotted was three hours. The brief was met and more, there was a zest to the presentation and it really got the team thinking, they all took away valuable learning's from it. A year later, and reference is still made to content of Claire's presentation.

Claire's easy manner and approachable nature made for an enjoyable interaction where the transfer of knowledge was seamless and very professionally cast. She mixed formal and informal aspects to suit the brief and make the interaction interesting and most of all thought provoking.

We would certainly like to have Claire present to us again in the future."

Ian Shaw - Regional Manager - Total Sports KZN