My Life Lesson Learnt in the Picasso Museum

While travelling through Andalucia, the southern province of Spain, I had the opportunity to spend some time in the town of Malaga, birthplace of world-renowned artist, Pablo Picasso. The residents of the town are justifiably proud of their most famous son, and of course there is a Picasso Museum there, with works of art donated by the Picasso family.

When I visited this museum, what really surprised me were the works of art in styles that I had never previously associated with Picasso. I had always known him for his Cubist and Surrealist paintings, but in the museum there were many examples of work in other styles – line drawings, still lifes...styles that I think of as "normal". I was struck by how much Picasso's work had evolved over his years of painting.

So much of what we are today is not what we were before, but we have nevertheless been shaped by where we've come from. We are not static, stagnating beings, but instead are always evolving. We should recognize and embrace this constant evolution of ourselves!