Wednesday, 17 April 2013 16:00

Radio Namakwaland - 'Ouerskap in Praktyk' (Parenting in Practice)

As a result of an article on Criticism, in Vroue Keur (see article), I was invited to do an interview for Radio Namakwaland on 17 April 2013.  The programme was called 'Ouerskap in Praktyk' (Parenting in Practice).

Radio Namakwaland is a community radio station based in the Northern Cape, South Africa. The listeners are Afrikaans speaking, and so the interviewer asked me the questions in Afrikaans, but because I do not speak Afrikaans fluently I answered her in English. (To help you understand what I am answering, I have wriiten down the questions in English. Read them as you listen).

1. The word "criticism" sounds harsh and negative - in today's world, when we are being told to focus on the positive, is there any place for criticism?

2. What is the effect of negative criticism?

3. When does criticism become positive?

4. When is criticism not appropriate?

5. When is positive criticism appropriate?