Claire in the Media

I love the opportunities offered by the variety of media - from print to radio - which provide me with the chance to touch the lives of a greater number of people than I can usually reach with one-on-one counselling, talks or small group training. I am therefore delighted when print and radio journalists ask me for my expert opinion on a variety of topics, such as: executive burnout, assertiveness, dementia, suicide, conflict, criticism, receiving compliments, trauma and stress.

Although I may never meet the people who read these articles or listen to me on the radio, I always hope that they will be helped by my expertise. Over the years I have received feedback from listeners and readers telling me how useful or comforting my information has been. The knowledge that I have, in some way, bettered someone’s life is immensely gratifying. I feel sure that when you read these articles, books or listen to the radio interviews, you too will find them helpful and inspiring.